Programming Contest

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Student teams will compete against each other to solve interesting and challenging programming problems. Conference and contest registration is required and the number of accepted teams may be limited, so be sure to register early. The awards for the top teams will be presented on Saturday at lunch.

Programming contest rules:

For more information about the Programming Contest see the Rules and Instructions.

Programming contest languages and editors/IDEs:

The following programming languages and editors/IDEs will be available:

  • Languages: Python 3.4, Java, C and C++
  • Editors/IDEs: jGrasp (Recommended editor), Notepad++, Dr. Java, IDLE (for Python)
  • NOTE: If you don't like these choices, you can use a laptop that you bring during the programming contest. (see below for details)

Judging Software

We will be using the PC^2 Programming Contest software used by most ACM Regional contests. Click here to see how to use the PC^2 Programming Team interface.

Using your own laptop, will be allowed if we can get it configured correctly before the contest.

Before coming to MICS, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Install the Java Standard Edition Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.7 or higher. (Make sure that Java's /bin directory is included on the operating systems PATH environment variable.)
  • Click Here to download and unzip this PC^2 Programming Contest directory on your Desktop
  • Add PC^2's /bin directory to the operating systems PATH environment variable
  • At MICS's Registration Table, you will get further instructions for connecting to the WiFi network and testing before the contest.

Programming contest team registration:

The MICS 2016 Programming Contest has a limited capacity of 60 teams. The preregistration process suggests that we will probably have enough space for all or nearly all teams. If there is not enough space, we plan to drop all the #6 teams, then all the #5 teams, etc. until we get below 60 teams.

With that in mind, we ask that you move forward with registration:

Questions about the programming contest can be email to Mark Fienup at

Click here for MICS 2016 Problems, Solutions and Judging in/out files