Proceedings of the 48th Annual

Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium


Hosted by the University of North Dakota

Grand Forks, ND on April 10-11, 2015

Memorial Union - University of North Dakota




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MICS 2015 Program


Career Fair                                  Friday, April 10                             12:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Dakota Lounge

12:00 -

4:30 pm


Curt Huot, Shawn Rakowski, Chris Kramer, Tim Julius, Ben DeHaan

Rockwell Collins

Elise Loan, Donald Kearney, Michael Veit

Fast Enterprises

Heidi Sayler, Evan Sylvester


Eric Howe, Josh Leverington


Eric Kjeldergaard, Robert Bergman


Opening Remarks                           Ballroom                                        Noon - 12:15 pm

Panel                                             Friday, April 10                             12:20 pm – 1:20 pm


12:20 -

1:20 pm

Cybersecurity needs and opportunities in the MICS region

Kevin Streff,  Isaiah P. Grothe, Evan Sylvester, and Donald Kearney



Poster Session                               Friday, April 10                            2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Dakota Lounge

2:00 - 4:30 pm

Algorithmic Elimination of Unintentional DNA Hybridization in Complex DNA Mixtures

Geoff Converse, Park Mikels and Dakota Spurrier, Simpson College

Three-Dimensional Printing and Scanning Web-Based Job Management System

Dayln Limesand, Jeremy Straub and Scott Kerlin, University of North Dakota

The Creation of a Communication Systems for a Small Satellite at the University of North Dakota

Michael Hlas, Jeremy Straub and Ronald Marsh, University of North Dakota

Selection of a Scheduling Algorithm for Control of a CubeSat-Class Open Source Spacecraft

Calvin Bina, Jeremy Straub and Ronald Marsh, University of North Dakota

Monitoring, Analyzing, and Visualizing Distributed Computing Clusters

Jonathan Stupka and Peter Bui, University of Wisconsin - EauClaire

Efficient Path Generation to Maximize Data Collection of Multiple Samples using Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Miles Kirts, Ellie Luebbe and Eric Marean, Simpson College


Technical Session I                       Friday, April 10                           1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Session I.A:  River Valley Room                                     Session Chair: Ron Marsh                                            Theme: Undergrad Research

1:30 pm

Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research in DNA Computing

Lydia Sinapova and Derek Lyons, Simpson College

2:00 pm

Involvement of Undergraduate Students in Research: A Comparison of Course Research Components, Paid Research Activities, Student-Led Projects and Independent / Directed Study Courses

Jeremy Straub, University of North Dakota

Session I.B:  Lecture Bowl                                                Session Chair: Wen-Chen Hu                                      Theme: Cloud / Big Data

1:30 pm

Analyzing and Moving Virtualization of Resources in the Cloud to Enhance Security and Performance

Dennis Guster, Ashok Jonnalagadda and Laura Lebentritt, St. Cloud State University

2:00 pm

An Empirical Study of NoSQL Databases by Using MongoDB Databases

Wen-Chen Hu, Naima Kaabouch, U North Dakota, and Hung-Jen Yang, Kaohsiung Normal University Taiwan

Session I.C:  Badlands Room                                           Session Chair: Emanuel Grant                                     Theme: Mobile / Database Applications

1:30 pm

Crowdsourcing Automobile Parking Availability Sensing Using Mobile Phones

Bereket Kifle, Jesus Villalobos, Jesus Quevedo-Torrero and Derek Riley, University of Wisconsin - Parkside

2:00 pm

Utilizing Analytics to Discern Campus Library Use

Punith Etikala, Laura Lebentritt, Erich Rice and Dennis Guster, St. Cloud State University

Session I.D:  Ballroom                                                      Session Chair: Peter Bui                                               Theme: Web Applications

1:30 pm

Obelisk: Summoning Minions on a HPC Cluster

Grant Wuerker and Peter Bui, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

2:00 pm

WIDLE: A Web Based Linux Interface

Lucas Novoa, Charles Volzka and Peter Bui, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire


Technical Session II                      Friday, April 10                          3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Session II.A:  River Valley Room                                    Session Chair: Noel Petit                                              Theme: Distributed Computing

3:00 pm

Openstack Swift as a Distributed Storage Backend

Eric Krenz, Mary Pearson and Anne Denton, North Dakota State University

3:30 pm

Raspberry Pi Computer Cluster

Ken Johnson, Merhawi Temnewo, Katherine Polys, Don Vo, Paulina Vo, Christian Grant and Noel Petit, Augsburg College

Session II.B:  Lecture Bowl                                             Session Chair: Mark Hall                                              Theme: Computer Science Education

3:00 pm

Integration of Mathematical Concepts in the Computer Science, Information Technology and Management Information Science Curriculum

Donald Heier, Erik Sand, Mary Reed and Kathryn Lemm, University of Jamestown

3:30 pm

Musings on LMS, HCI, Clients and Native Programs

Curt Hill and Razib Iqbal, Valley City State University

Session II.C:  Badlands Room                                         Session Chair: David Apostal                                         Theme: Mobile Applications

3:00 pm

Predicting Office Availability Using Crowdsourced Data

Francisco Mateo, David Sobol, Jesus Quevedo-Torrero and Derek Riley, University of Wisconsin - Parkside

3:30 pm

Session II.D:  Ballroom                                                    Session Chair: Hassan Reza                                           Theme: Software Testing / Security

3:00 pm

A Survey of Effective and Efficient Software Testing

Akalanka Mailewa and Jayantha Herath, St. Cloud State University

3:30 pm

Gone Phishing: Surveying college students on phishing awareness and competency

Steven Vue, Mark Schmidt and Erich Rice, St. Cloud State University

Keynote: Dr. David P. Anderson

Topic: Volunteer Computing and the BOINC Software System

Dr. David P. Anderson will give a Keynote address on the topic of Volunteer Computing and the BOINC software system. Dr. Anderson is a Research Scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. He directs the BOINC project, which develops middleware for volunteer computing. Dr. Anderson received graduate degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He served on the faculty of the UC Berkeley Computer Science Department from 1985 to 1992, then worked at several startup companies before returning to the University. His research interests include volunteer computing, distributed, real-time and multimedia systems, computer graphics, and computer music.

Technical Session III                   Saturday, April 11                             9:00 am – 10:00 am

Session III.A:  River Valley Room                                Session Chair: Scott Kerlin                                           Theme: Academic Network Administration

9:00 am

MiNet: Managing Internet Connectivity in Academic Computing Labs

Shaun Lynch, University of Wisconsin - Superior

9:30 am

Deploying an IPv4-IPv6 Dual-Stack Network in an Academic Computing Infrastructure

Shaun Lynch, University of Wisconsin - Superior

Session III.B:  Lecture Bowl                                        Session Chair: Marty Wolf                                             Theme: Computer Science Education

9:00 am

Nifty Assignment: Model the Monte Hall Problem through Event-Driven Programming

Andrew Anda, St. Cloud State University

9:30 am

Flipping over Flipped Instruction

Mark Fienup, University of Northern Iowa

Session III.C:  Badlands Room                                   Session Chair: Emanuel Grant                                       Theme: Web / Mobile Applications

9:00 am

The Fakktion Blog: Prototype of a blogging application that uses relational design

Deovandski Skibinski Junior and Anne Denton, North Dakota State University

9:30 am

Recording Class Attendance in a Student Registration System

Sanhu Li, Mao Zheng and Hao Fan, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Session III.D:  Ballroom                                               Session Chair: Ron Marsh                                             Theme: Systems and Control

9:00 am

How to 3D Print a Photorealistic Banana for Scale

Daniel Corrigan and Brandon Rossell, Doane College

9:30 am

Utilizing the Portability of Docker to Design a Portable and Scalable Continuous Integration Stack

Jordan Goetze, North Dakota State University


Technical Session IV                   Saturday, April 11                      10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Session IV.A:  River Valley Room                               Session Chair: Scott Kerlin                                           Theme: Scientific Applications

10:30 am

Modeling of Linker Stoichiometry for Optimization of DNA Nanostructure Self-Assembly

Maddie Thomas, Esteban Sierra and Blake Tish, Simpson College

11:00 am

Unearthing Digital Artifacts for Public Archaeology

Max McGrath, Anna Munns, Otto Borchert, Guy Hokanson, Jeffrey Clark, Kathleen T. Cox, Brian M. Slator, North Dakota State University

11:30 am

A Mobile Application for Collecting Plant Observation Data

Jingbo Chu, Yu Qiu, Mao Zheng and Tom Gendreau, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Session IV.B:  Lecture Bowl                                            Session Chair: Elena Machkasova                             Theme: Tools for Teaching

10:30 am

An ER Modeling Tool

Ron McFadyen, University of Winnipeg

11:00 am

Developing beginner-friendly user interactions for the Clojure programming language

Henry Fellows, Aaron Lemmon, Max Magnuson, Emma Sax, Paul Schliep and Elena Machkasova, University of Minnesota - Morris

11:30 am

Graph Algorithm Visualization Program Demonstration

David Pagels, University of Minnesota - Morris

Session IV.C:  Badlands Room                                        Session Chair: David Apostal                                    Theme: Algorithms / AI

10:30 am

Understanding 31-derful

Emily Alfs, Doane College

11:00 am

Pronoun Reference Resolution On the Dutch Word ‘Het’, An Empirical Study

Bram Oosterlee and Noel Petit, Augsburg College

11:30 am

Optimizing(0,1)-Matrix-Vector Product Computations via Minimum Spanning Trees

Jeffrey Witthuhn and Andrew Anda, St. Cloud State University